Described as "hauntingly unapologetic," my poems are a representation of the human spirit. I penned my first poem in 2003 hoping to create a platform for the voices who felt they weren't allowed to be heard; I write for each of them. These are my thoughts, these are my words, this is my soul.

Tethered Voices


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"Dear Soul..."

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Black Widow

Text by Kalena Bovell
Music by Quinn Mason



Soy una mujer Negra
que habla expañol
Nací en Los Angeles
y tengo un accento
porque yo soy Panameña
Soy bella
Pero cuando el mundo me vio
vio una negra fea
Ellos me llamo fea
Regardless of my background
my heritage and my being
I am black
I am a woman

Soy la negrita




Southern trees

bare that strange fruit
Blackened embers from the fire

illuminate the noose,
Blood, sweat and tears

keep falling to the ground

their different shades of brown
Those strange fruitful souls

floating just above the ground



Scents of frustration

are pouring out of me

like the scent of liquor

pours out of a drunk

Masked impurities of anger

are veiled by the façade

a smile, a nod

the loveable precocious laugh

yet these people passing by

are so oblivious to the obvious

They can’t see the fire

that lives behind my eyes

because they ignore the flames

that are dying down inside