Everyone has a story...Can you handle mine



I began writing poetry in January of 2003 and discovered a new form of expression. I discovered my soul had a voice that needed to be heard. Described as "hauntingly unapologetic," I hold nothing back. It is a representation in the purest form of raw, human emotion.

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"Dear Soul..."

Bill and Sandy

Nothing comes without a price
And I paid my crime
through time
for winning $25,000
from a "noble" foundation
that cost three years of my life
spent walking
on eggshells
My life of privacy
didn't sit well with my host
I was going to school to be somebody
Who in their eyes
was nothing more than
a black child
who needed saving

And I did need saving

But not from the daily micro-aggressions
that walking in brown skin brings
And not from the growing frustrations
as an aspiring conductor
denied opportunities
because I didn't have a daddy named Rande
who signed my monthly paychecks

What I needed
was saving from the emotional abuse
of living in that house
No one heard my cries then
will you hear them now




Darkness sits on my sleeve
Staring back at me
Bludgeoned by his story

I'm free.




From pain comes death

And from death

Comes the beauty of humanity

Like the Phoenix reborn

I am unbroken

Black Widow


Sitting here
tracing the image
of your silhouette
I remember
the lines of your hips
while touching the curves
of your lips
with eager fingertips
as they gently kissed mine
Feeling the softness of your skin
and the touch of your hair
within my hands
I am recalled to life
by the beauty of death

The Unknown


Sitting on various couches

recounting dilemma after dilemma

have left me impervious

to the painful words

that used to live inside my head

Talking was the enemy

that eventually

became the therapy

where doubt would no longer

fall round me like

rain drops falling

from the sky

But being in this relationship

has stirred up the insecurities

that have long been buried

thrown away with shameful secrets

dwelling deep below the eddies.

Your smile reassures me

of the beauty

I thought I never possessed

while your embrace

showers me

with tactile love

missing from my childhood

And your love

showed me a true reality

I am not invincible

to the emotions

that live within my soul

and it frightens me

to want to experience

these realms of the unknown

© 2014 by Kalena Bovell