Music and poetry are big parts of my life and both influence the other. As a conductor I am able to shape and mold sound, and as a poet, I can weave words together to create vivid imagery that is both poignant and powerful. Described as "hauntingly unapologetic," my poems are a representation of the human spirit. I penned my first poem in 2003 to be used as a platform for the voices who went unheard. Today, I still write with these voices in mind. These are my thoughts, these are my words, this is my soul.

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"Dear Soul..."



From pain comes death

And from death

Comes the beauty of humanity

Like the Phoenix reborn

I am unbroken


I was 21 years old
when I attended
my first AA meeting
but not as
the anonymous alcoholic
but as the outside observer
looking in
She stood up
out of the barely sturdy
metal framed chair
the only brave one
in a room
filled with lost souls
Her clothes already worn
and her hair matted
Sandy had hit rock bottom
Like everyone else
she was searching
for the path
that outlined
The 12 Steps of serenity
Battered by time
and bludgeoned by circumstance
this was her last chance
She had touched the fire
and somehow survived
but it was the kiss
from the bottle
that took
her last life


Darkness sits on my sleeve
Staring back at me
Bludgeoned by his story

I'm free.



Scents of frustration

are pouring out of me

like the scent of liquor

pours out of a drunk

Masked impurities of anger

are veiled by the façade

a smile, a nod

the loveable precocious laugh

yet these people passing by

are so oblivious to the obvious

They can’t see the fire

that lives behind my eyes

because they ignore the flames

that are dying down inside

© 2020 by Kalena Bovell